Friday, 6 September 2013

The Fibre of my Being

So, it's about yarn. Well, that's not enough really. It's about threads of all kinds. Fibres of all kinds. Because it is these threads that occupy my time in the main, these balls of cotton and jute, these skeins of alpaca and silk, these delicious hanks of wool just scratchy enough to feel like "the real thing", whatever that may be. 

I like to draw ideas and think about them for ages, then make them. I love encountering three seemingly disparate balls of yarn that long to be a fabulous hat and knit it on the fly. I love to follow patterns of all kinds a create beautiful things that spring from the pages of a book or magazine to become a real, tactile garment or accessory that will be enjoyed for years to come.

In short I love to knit, and crochet, and spin, and a few other fibre-related arts to boot. When I knit I find myself in a deep world full of creativity, mathematics, thoughts and ideas. I have many notebooks on the go and it is a delight to me to find one that has been mislaid for a while and encounter an idea long forgotten, just waiting to be explored. I can't say they all work out; the jumper that would have better suited a child was sadly frogged and the allegedly smooth beautifully shaped shawl that turned out more ruffly than an episode of 'The Tudors' is still waiting in a lonely corner to meet the same fate! But surely
 that is a joyful part of the process? Creating strange and wonderful things that teach valuable lessons while engaging my hands and mind.

This blog will follow my fibre-related exploits, and a few other bits and pieces. I hope you enjoy reading it.


  1. Being a lover of all things textile related, I am looking forward to further posts. N x

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  3. See- I really do lika yer posts!