Thursday, 12 September 2013

Just one more line...

Last night Himself asked me if he could watch his less than relaxing TV series on DVD, I gladly agreed and took myself off upstairs with, unsurprisingly, my knitting. Now by the time I was ready to start it occurred to me that it was a) gone 9.30pm, b) that I was really tired and therefore c) I wouldn't get much done before I was too tired. Still, with weary eyes and a rather persistent cat yowling and stomping on me I persisted, for this fits into my essential mentality.

That mentality is this: all time, no matter how long or short, is knitting time. I am known to always have multiple projects on the go. Certainly an element of that is to have a small project for short car journeys where I am to be a passenger, a bigger one for snuggling on the sofa, and definitely a project on circular needles for travelling by train as folks do tend to take umbrage to being periodically poked with a knitting needle, albeit the blunt end!

As it turned out I managed two rows before sleep was inevitable. This knitting session was at least ended by me sliding my hard won stitches down my needles and placing the project safely on the floor. In the past Himself has occasionally become an accidental stabbing victim on getting into bed and encountering my knitting poised half way through a stitch where I have dropped into sleep letting it slip onto the mattress beside me! Luckily he is a wise fellow who understands the time each piece represents and carefully puts it to one side for me.

So, considering only two rows were completed was it worth starting? Should you perhaps wait until you have a wonderful free afternoon stretching ahead of you before grabbing your half finished jumper or beginning sock two? I would say not. I find more and more with the demands life puts on my time that I want to pluck every bit of knitting time from my day, a couple of moments of relaxation that totally belong to me. I can't say I complete anything any quicker by utilising these snatched moments of time, but it's a stealthy part of my hobby, and slightly eccentric too, which I like.

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