Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Building Block

It's been a while. That's because I've been involved in the knitting equivalent of reading a good Thriller; that is one minute the plot and characters are progressing merrily and the next minute the tension starts to build and twists and turns head towards a significant ending. At a certain point in the cardigan I have been working on for a while I realised I was "doing the last bits", (this occurred a couple of days ago). Suddenly rising in me is a feeling of urgency where before there was none and something in my mind demands, "you must finish this cardigan quickly there is no time to lose!" This is confusing. Time is no shorter than when I started the cardigan. Aside from the fact I have my next project lined up I have no deadline. The season which would have suited this garment best has passed  and I know there will be plenty of Summers where it can experience its debut. Still, the prevailing feeling that I must hurtle towards the conclusion continued, until tonight I completed it, phew!

Apart from one thing of course, blocking. As part of the process of "coming down" from the anxiety of missing an invisible deadline here is the blocking in progress, the refresher on how to wet block from a fabulous you tube vid by KnitPicks. Between blogging and blocking have I time to consider my next project, socks for Himself? ..... Yeah!! ;-)

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