Monday, 14 October 2013

Jumping the queue, is it allowed?

So after progressing with my knitting passion for over seven years Himself has decreed he would like something making, specifically socks. When he first made his request I was a little dubious. This was chiefly because we had negotiated once before on the subject of knitted garments. In that case he had requested a jumper only to balk at the cost of pure wool when compared to the mass-produced, easily and cheaply acquired garments that surround us on the high street, declaring it was way too expensive, that he’d be scared to wash it and other expostulations along those lines. Sadly I stopped searching for delicious yarns and put away my patterns.

There was something different about this latest request. Firstly, he spotted the pattern in a knitting book I was browsing hungrily being absolutely in the mood to craft a pair of socks, (well, an interesting lace pair anyway). At the time I was completing a cardigan, the one from my previous post, in fact. I don’t know about you but I always yearn for a little project when I am in the midst of a big one and vice versa. Secondly this time he approached the whole thing with a level of practicality worth crediting, “I wouldn’t mind those socks, and you’ve got loads of grey wool, haven’t you?” This is true, I have a large cone of a gorgeous 4-ply, grey, slightly marled, acrylic yarn that I picked up some time ago that has been waiting hopefully in my stash to become socks. This therefore removed the main expense factor, I purchased the contrasting colour for the pattern and we were ready to go.

Sadly nothing ever runs smoothly. “I’ve got the yarn I need now, great! I’ll easily have your socks done for Christmas”, I enthused. Himself had other ideas, “Oh no, I didn’t know I’d have to wait for ages”, he mumbled sadly. Therein lies the problem. At this time of year I inevitably start to plan Christmas presents for friends and family, and this year is no exception; matching Father and Son hats and a shawl/scarf currently await my attention, not to mention the gorgeous baby llama cardigan that I have had the wool for since summer but which unfortunately remains untouched.

So the question, do I allow Himself to jump the queue? Admittedly he didn’t know there was a queue. Also, not all the people on my present list know they are on it so in theory it wouldn’t hurt to re-jig my list slightly. Mainly, I am so delighted to find some enthusiasm from someone so close to me about my hobby that I know I will accede to his request. Only last year I began a jumper eight weeks before Christmas when another close family member remarked off-handedly, “Ooo nice pattern...” I gamely rose to the challenge, re-jigging ensued and the jumper was finished and is popular. So this is why you find me knitting extra-large, plain grey socks (the pattern begins on the leg), two at a time for efficiency, clacking away while grumbling about the lack of lace. Secretly loving creating something for my favourite person and hoping he will love them, I’ll keep you posted.